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Helsinki-based Tradec Networks Oy has delivered competitively priced IT equipment since 1990. With altogether 70 years worth of UNIX-, OpenVMS and storage sales experience we are capable of implementing a large variety of systems, ranging from traditional networking products to whole clustered SAN systems. Some 10 percent of sales comes from importing and exporting second-hand IT equipment.

Services for Finnish subsidiaries

In the years 2003-2005 the company sold 450 UNIX-based servers to the Finnish marketplace. We concentrate on few vendors and that gives us opportunity to help our customers in the higher end of the server business. Company’s main customer segments are local government, healthcare and education. In terms of solution areas we focus on storage, backup and UNIX.

Tradec Networks Oy is hp Preferred Partner specializing in Digital/Compaq heritage platforms (Alpha) and Itanium 2-based integrity. Since 1999 the company has been a Sun channel partner, certified for “Workgroup” products and “Java Enterprise” software architecture.  As well as for Sun, the company is an established reseller company of EMC equipment, both classic EMC hardware and Legato/Dantz software divisions. In telecommunication equipment the main offering are Cisco and Avaya in which we are an official Sales Partner resellers.

We are an experienced company with many references in terms of following products:

* hp (ProLiant, HP/9000 systems and upgrades, integrity, MSL-class tape libraries)
* EMC (CLARiiON, Connectrix, NS/Celerra, NetWorker, Retrospect)
* Sun (Opteron and UltraSPARC servers, Java ES, StorageTek offerings)
* Avaya (Ethernet switching, Wireless and VPN devices)
* Cisco (Network systems, Wireless, VPN and Firewall)
* IBM (xSeries and Blade servers)
* Red Hat licenses
* WMware

You might also be interested in our services:

* rental services (hp, Digital, Compaq, Sun and EMC)
* close support personnel at your Finnish branch
* backup as a service at your Finnish branch
* used or second-hand products (we are Digital/Compaq Alpha experts)

Services for brokers

We buy and sell regularly to and from US and UK. We have over 20 years worth of experience in the second-hand market. We seldom stock any products but we do have a substantial stock of Digital products. We regard ourselves to be a broker company for Digital and Compaq - Alpha products. Having said that, we have good contacts in the Finnish UNIX marketplace - this way we have opportunities of sale and purchase for these brands.

In case your company is interested in selling to us or buying from us, you are kindly directed to:

Chairman of the Board Erkki Keino

  • Erkki Keino
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  • +358 (0) 40 559 2828
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  • Niko Mourujärvi
  • Asiantuntija
  • +358 (0) 40 563 6779
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